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Transforming legal teams with process automation

Legal teams are still operating like its 1999! Polibase helps legal teams improve their efficiency and transform their entire operations. By automating key processes, we've helped some of Australia's largest in-house legal teams reach top efficiency and reduce red-tape.
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Building an interactive legal workspace to consolidate disparate information

Manage your reporting outcomes, obligations, and find key areas of regulatory risk all in one place. Consolidate regulations, law, and any other important news all in one place.
Breach Reporting
Track Compliance
Store internal policies

Automate legal workflow and facilitate good reporting.

Polibase helps legal-teams control their automate their workflow and be more efficient. Our tools let leaders assign tasks across their entire company, employees easily report, and identify misconduct before it becomes an issue.

Regulatory Updates
5GB of Storage
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Time to simplify your compliance. Try the Polibase beta for free today.

Key benefits of Polibase

Track Compliance

Get real-time status updates on your organisation's compliance status. Solve small compliance problems before they become big.

Improve communication

No more e-mails to report breaches or compliance issues - everything is stored on Polibase and can be identified at any point in time.

Never miss an obligation

Polibase keeps your organisation aware on dead-lines and important obligation requirements coming up.

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